May 24, 2023

Austin Photographer | Photos By Yaz

Saying goodbye to a city that has been your home for years can be bittersweet. It’s a mixture of both joy and sadness, knowing that your new adventure is about to begin but having to leave behind all the places you fell in love with. Chelsea + James got married just before moving to Austin, and have recently decided it was time to bid farewell to the city they have grown to love. But before they leave, they wanted to capture the essence of how they’ve lived in it with a farewell photo session.

They Moved To Austin

Chelsea and James moved to Austin for her to pursue her MBA at UT. But after James saw her experience, he also decided to go back to school making them both Longhorn MBAs. Although they didn’t get a true graduation experience due to COVID, they wanted to capture a slice of campus. In their photo session, we took photographs of them around McCombs School of Business to celebrate the plan that brought them to where they are now.

Baby Evans is on the Way

Now, Chelsea is expecting, and after living in Austin for four years, they decided it was time to move closer to their family! Austin was meant to be temporary, a two-year stop for them to complete their studies. Yet it quickly became a place they call home. They have many favorite memories, from hosting a 70+ person Friendsgiving to hosting a best friend’s baby shower. They’ve also enjoyed having friends from all over to visit.

Back to Where It All Started

La Holly was the first bar/restaurant they went to on their first trip to Austin. It was also the first place they stopped at the night they rolled in from driving across the country. We took some photos of them sitting in the outdoor patio, drinking margaritas (a mocktail for Chelsea), and having their last taco at La Holly. Circling back to where everything started.

Austin, the city of music, tacos, and warmth, has been an essential part of Chelsea and James’ journey. They might be leaving, but their memories will always be present, thanks to their photo session. It’s challenging to say goodbye to a place you’ve called home, but equally exciting to embark on a new adventure. Cheers to Chelsea and James as they move forward with their lives, with Austin forever in their hearts.

Locations: Private Home in Austin | McCombs School of Business | La Holly

Hair + Makeup: Destiny De La Paz

Photographer: Photos by Yaz

A Sentimental Journey: Chelsea and James’ “Farewell Austin” Photo Session

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