April 3, 2024

In recent years, couples across the country have been opting for smaller, more personalized celebrations, and Austin, Texas, is a dream destination for these micro weddings and elopements. With its vibrant culture, stunning scenery, and abundance of unique venues, Austin offers the perfect backdrop for a celebration that reflects your love story. However, keep in mind that not all venues are created equal for micro weddings. Some limit elopements and micro wedding bookings to weekdays or have short booking windows, while others offer full-service rentals, taking the planning burden off your shoulders. To navigate these options, we’ve compiled a comprehensive

list of 33 Austin venues that cater to micro weddings and elopements

categorized by their maximum guest capacity, so you can find the perfect spot to say “I do” in the heart of Texas!

Barr Mansion (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 20

Barr Mansion is a legacy of sustainability in architecture and hospitality. Its timeless charm and enduring beauty resonate with a British Empire aesthetic, green landscapes, and the ethos of ‘A love for all seasons’. For the earth-conscious couple, Barr Mansion stands as an epitome of a green and beautiful celebration.

Contigo Ranch (Fredericksburg, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 20

Perched majestically 200 feet above the iconic Enchanted Rock, The Bluff offers a panoramic spectacle that extends across the ranch and into the horizon of untouched acres. This venue isn’t just a setting; it’s a canvas where nature crafts its most breathtaking masterpiece. The sprawling lawn serves as an idyllic stage for wedding ceremonies, where every vow exchanged is framed by the vast beauty of the landscape.

Sekrit Theater (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 28

The Sekrit Theater is an abandoned garden and greenhouse with a bohemian vibe. It offers a unique backdrop for your wedding ceremony and photos, different from a traditional wedding venue. The spaces transports you to a lush garden in the middle of east Austin, perfect for your elopement.

The Cathedral (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 30

Steeped in history, the refurbished 1930s church offers a beautiful and intimate setting with high ceilings, natural light, and stylish mid-century furniture. Plus, its convenient location in East Austin makes it easy for you and your guests to access. Crafted by talented women artists and designers, The Cathedral offers a unique setting that radiates beauty, sophistication and art.

Shiraz Garden (Bastrop, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 30

Shiraz Garden has a unique and whimsical feel. The gardens are filled with interesting plants and sculptures, and there’s even a charming white chapel on-site. This unique ambiance can help to create a truly special and memorable wedding day. Stands out for its remarkable variety of spaces, establishing itself as a premier Hill Country wedding venue known for its photogenic charm. From expansive vistas to intimate ceremony spots nestled by the Colorado River, our locations provide uninterrupted views of stunning sunsets and picturesque Texas Hill Country landscapes.

Villa Antonia (Jonestown, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 30

Perched high above the pediments of the rolling Hill Country, Villa Antonia embraces you in the wistful charms of Italy. Its towers and courtyards echo with your whispered confessions and eternal pledges. This Mediterranean marvel ensures that your day becomes an affair to remember.

Anderson Terrace Wedding & Event Venue (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 30

Nestled on the edge of a serene nature preserve, Anderson Terrace boasts a breathtaking view that mirrors the forever you seek. The streamside pavilion and modern reception hall offer an elegant fusion of rustic charm and airy elegance, accommodating your nearest and dearest with a warmth that mirrors your own.

The Allan House (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 35

Eloquent and polished, the historic Allan House whispers tales of love in its every corner. The Main House and the Courtyard are a Victorian dream where time seems to stand still, allowing for a perfect cinematic start to forever, with your closest allies by your side.

Brodie Homestead (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 35

Resurrecting a legacy of love, the Brodie Homestead is a re-purposed barn that embodies warmth and repose. The architectural details combined with modern amenities offer an understated elegance, welcoming the vow-makers to create a story as rich in texture as the building itself.

Greenhouse at Driftwood (Driftwood, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 40

Craft your memories amidst the bursts of vibrant floral colors, enclosed in a greenhouse that the heavens themselves would envy. The Greenhouse at Driftwood offers a theatrical preamble to your union, creating a kaleidoscopic setting. Its design, blending into the natural surroundings, provides the perfect harmonious intersection of nature and nuptials.

Ma Maison (Dripping Springs, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 40

Blending French elegance with Southern charm. Nestled on 23 acres in the Texas Hill Country, Ma Maison provides an intimate and luxurious setting for couples seeking a romantic and memorable celebration. With a focus on creating warm and personal experiences, Ma Maison is the perfect choice for those looking to elope or host a micro wedding that exudes simplicity, and elegance.

StarHill Farms (New Ulm, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 50

Images by: Gary Blake Photography

Offering a picturesque setting for intimate weddings with its charming farm, horse stables, and scenic hiking trails. The alluring cabins provide a cozy retreat for couples seeking a romantic escape. Including an on-site event planner, ceremony, reception, and a 2-night stay, StarHill Farms ensures a stress-free and memorable experience. The space adds a touch of rustic elegance, making it an ideal venue for couples looking to celebrate their love in a unique and intimate setting.

Felton Ranch (Driftwood, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 50

Weave your story in the folds of history at Felton Ranch. A restored barn, lush greenery, and a private fishing pond form the backdrop to the chapters of your day.

Lily Oaks (Red Rock, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 50

Towering oaks frame the ceremony space, creating a cathedral of nature under the endless sky. Rustic elegance defines the venue, where timeless charm meets fresh whimsy.

Lincoln Chapel (Georgetown, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 50

Images by: Brittany Jean

Wrapped in the aura of classic American small towns, the Lincoln Chapel is a treasure trove of tranquility and tradition. Its white clapboard chapel is an icon of simplicity and peace, making it the quintessential spot for exchanging vows in the most modest and cherished manner. This is my personal favorite for an elopement or micro wedding.

Wish Well House (Georgetown, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 50

A historic mansion located in Georgetown just north of Austin that has been converted into a wedding venue. It boasts a variety of indoor and outdoor spaces that can comfortably accommodate an intimate gathering of close friends and family. The venue combines modern, lofty design with the historic charm of the original building. This gives it a unique and stylish feel that is perfect for a sophisticated occasion.

Waterfall Terrace (Jonestown, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 50

The Waterfall Terrace is ideal for a small wedding ceremony. With its natural beauty and secluded feel, it creates a romantic and intimate atmosphere for exchanging vows with just your closest family and friends. The waterfall and lush greenery provide a breathtaking backdrop for your wedding photos and memories. It’s a unique and picturesque location that captures the essence of Texas Hill Country.

Wanderlust Wine Co (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 50

Images by: Eryn Chandler

Offers a quirky, “Keep Austin Weird” atmosphere that’s different from traditional wedding venues. Their outdoor space has an inviting courtyard with murals that creates a charming backdrop for the ceremony or reception. Plus, they’re only 10 minutes from downtown Austin and boast over 80 wines on tap to get the party started!

Canyonwood Ridge (Dripping Springs, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 50

With panoramic views of the Hill Country, Canyonwood Ridge promises a dramatic setting for your micro wedding. The soaring ceilings of the Chapel and the wrap-around porches of the Reception Hall offer a sense of grandeur, yet maintain an unmistakable feeling of closeness and intimacy.

Grand Lady (Manor, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 50

This iconic mansion features stunning stained glass windows and bespoke craftsmanship, offering an idyllic setting for your special day. Upholding its legacy the owners have meticulously restored the estate in 2019, ensuring a blend of historic elegance and modern allure for couples seeking a timeless venue in Austin, Texas.

Highpointe Estate’s Moonlight Bungalow (Liberty Hill, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 50

In early 2018, a weary 1926 Craftsman Bungalow was tenderly relocated from East Austin to the HighPointe Estate property, nestled near the intersection of Cesar Chavez Street and Chicon Street. This historic gem, once bathed in the glow of Austin’s Moonlight Towers, received a new lease on life through meticulous restoration. Fondly christened as The Moonlight Bungalow, it stands as a testament to preserving Austin’s rich heritage.

Fall Creek Vineyards (Driftwood, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 50

Elegant and effervescent, Fall Creek Vineyards welcomes intimate celebrations amidst the rolling vines of Texas’ Wine Country. The terrace offers sweeping views of the vineyards, providing an idyllic space for a ceremony that’s as nourishing to the soul as the wine crafted in these very vineyards.

Tiny Boxwood Austin (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 35

Nestled in the heart of Austin, Tiny Boxwoods’ Rosemary room offers an intimate haven for small weddings. Imagine exchanging vows surrounded by warmth and charm, with lush greenery enhancing the romance. This cozy space allows for a personalized touch, creating cherished moments with loved ones. Whether you dream of rustic chic or timeless elegance, this venue is a blank canvas for your love story.

Garey House (Georgetown, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 60

On the shores of a private pond, the Garey House is a whispering stucco pavilion that breathes life into the very idea of intimacy. Its sylvan surroundings and serene waters gift you a sense of escape while still being close to home. This venue marries seclusion and splendor in one harmonious blend.

Chapel Dulcinea (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 60

Nestled on the edge of an ancient walking trail at the Wizard Academy Campus, this free wedding chapel offers breathtaking views of the Texas Hill Country, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere for the special day. With its charming and elegant setting, Chapel Dulcinea provides couples with a unique backdrop for their micro wedding, allowing them to exchange vows in a tranquil and beautiful environment that enhances the magic and intimacy of the occasion. This was the most popular elopement venue in 2020 with it’s live stream service.

Justine’s Secret House (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 80

At Justine’s Secret House, privacy is a premium and romance a certainty. The French-inspired oasis beckons you to step into an intimate world where only the dulcet tones of chimes interrupt the silence between your ‘I do’s’. It’s the embodiment of seclusion and style, perfect for a micro wedding with a Parisian touch in the heart of Texas.

Malverde (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 125

A modern, urban sanctuary is what you’ll find at Malverde, located in downtown Austin. Offering a panoramic view of the city, this rooftop venue is for couples who dare to dream of a glamorous yet intimate urban fairy tale. The culinary and mixology teams curate a unique dining experience that is a delectable complement to your day.

One Eleven East (Hutto, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 150

Nestled in the heart of Hutto, Texas, One Eleven East offers the unique blend of historical charm and modern elegance, making it a perfect haven for your elopement or micro wedding. Its beautifully restored architecture, coupled with a cozy, intimate courtyard adorned with string lights and greenery, creates a magical backdrop for your special day. This award-winning venue provides a personal, warm atmosphere where every detail is thoughtfully designed to celebrate your love story. At One Eleven East, couples can experience the simplicity and beauty of an intimate gathering, making unforgettable memories in a place where past and present meet.

The Videre Estate (Wimberley, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 150

A modern estate with nods to the traditions of the past, Videre Estate offers a blank canvas where your love story becomes the artwork. With seemingly endless grounds and a choice of indoor and outdoor ceremony spaces, your micro wedding at this contemporary palace will be nothing short of epic.

Hotel Saint Cecilia (Austin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 200

For an elopement or micro wedding that oozes vintage glamour, the Hotel Saint Cecilia is a serene haven. Each suite and grounds are a carefully orchestrated melody of luxurious textures and bold colors rarely found outside of whispers in history. The private pool, gardens, and a motor court offer various intimate ceremony and reception backdrops.

Rose Bridge Estate (Smithville, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: 250

At the Rose Bridge Estate, no dream is too grand or too small. This versatile venue offers the ability to tailor your experience from an ultra-intimate gathering to a larger affair. The blend of sophistication and seclusion is a statement to your love without parallel. The venue is situated on approximately 40 acres of land encircled by landscaping inspired by French gardens. This design offers photo opportunities at every corner, ensuring picturesque settings throughout the property

Harper Hill Ranch (Seguin, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: Varies

With its versatile spaces and natural allure, Harper Hill Ranch is a capricious canvas awaiting the elegance of your event. Whether it’s an intimate gathering before the pink porch, a soiree in the barn, or a tranquil slice of time by the ranch house, each option promises a unique experience.

Camino Real Ranch (Dale, Tx)

Maximum Capacity: Varies

The enchanting setting of prairie grasses, desert succulents, and vibrant cotton candy sunsets creates a captivating backdrop for your special occasion. The contemporary desert theme transports you to the vast expanses of West Texas or the minimalist landscapes of Baja California, all while being just moments away from downtown Austin.

Whether you’re dreaming of a backyard bash or an intimate ceremony with a breathtaking Hill Country view, Austin has the perfect micro wedding venue to match your unique style. So ditch the stress of a huge guest list and focus on creating a celebration you’ll cherish forever. Share this list with your loved ones who are also planning a micro wedding, and if you’re looking for a photographer to capture your special day, don’t hesitate to CONTACT ME! If you would like a hands-off approach and wish to have a planner, Elaine Events is your go-to for elopements and micro weddings in the Austin area. We’d love to hear about your vision and help you document your happily ever after.

Intimate I Do’s: Austin’s Top Elopement and Micro Wedding Venues

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