April 7, 2021

Fredericksburg Engagement Photographer | Photos by Yaz

Recently, I had the pleasure of doing an Enchanted Rock Engagement Session for a wonderful couple. Thursdays are normally my self-care days, but due to a mix-up in the park reservation, we had to move up the session date and I’m so glad we did. The weather was beautiful; sunny with a pleasant coolness that made for perfect shooting conditions. The couple were incredibly fun and loving and I felt so lucky to be able to capture their special moment at this unique destination. It was an honor for me to be able to document their engagement in this stunning environment. Enchanted Rock is one of Texas’ most gorgeous outdoor areas, full of astonishing views and natural wonder that made it the perfect backdrop for the occasion. From idyllic hillside overlooks surrounded by trees and wildflowers, to sun-drenched rocky terrain – there’s no shortage of remarkable photo opportunities here. Although it was only my first time photographing an Enchanted Rock Engagement Session, it will certainly not be my last!

How They Met

They met in high school and dated for a couple of weeks but the time wasn’t right and so they went their separate ways. Arthur joined the Navy and after 6 years of traveling all around the world, he moved back to Texas. They friended each other on Facebook and picked up where they left off. They’ve been inseparable ever since. 

Pioneered by Arthur, Alicia journeyed into the world of fitness where they found a mutual passion and fell for one another. She said ‘I love you’ first and he waited 6 months before returning those dangerous words. Now there’s no doubt these two are meant for each other.

“The cliche thing of finishing each other’s sentences and being so in tune with your person is real. He’s my best friend in all aspects of life, no one gets me like him”

The Proposal

To celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary, this couple embarked on a romantic journey to Austin. They stayed in an adorable airstream Airbnb and ventured out for the evening with bikes in hand! The route included a visit to witness the colony of bats under Congress Ave bridge before concluding with dinner where they could reflect over all that had been experienced during their adventure. He was uncharacteristically fidgety and acting nervous but the moment must not have presented itself. They rode their bikes back to the airstream Airbnb where they’d wind down after a day of activity. Arthur proceeds to propose as Alicia is standing in the kitchen of the airstream in a state of nature.

Yes, butt naked. #CheeksOutProposal

“I was shocked kind of embarrassed! My whole butt was out, but definitely zero reservations to the yes I laughed out! The answer had always been yes, I was just waiting for him to ask.”

A+A are having an October “wedding festival” at the fun and unique hill country venue Elm Pass Woods. I cannot wait to celebrate their special day together with their family and friends. Is it really “working” if you’re surrounded by people that feel like family?

<3 Yaz

Romantic Enchanted Rock Engagement Session | Fredericksburg, Texas | Arthur + Alicia

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