October 19, 2023

San Antonio Engagement Photographer | Photos by Yaz

When it came time for Cole and Lauren to plan their engagement session, they knew exactly where they wanted to go: San Antonio City Hall. There’s just something about the architecture in downtown San Antonio that makes every photo op feel classic. As they strolled through the heart of the city, holding hands and laughing with each other, it was clear that this was the perfect location for them. With its grand columns and stunning views, San Antonio City Hall was the backdrop.

How They Met

Cole + Lauren met back in law school. As Dean’s Ambassador, Lauren’s duty was to attend events on behalf of the Dean and offer assistance in any way possible. The biggest event of the year was orientation for first-year law students. Lauren had returned to Lubbock before school started and went to orientation to help as an Ambassador. It was there that she was supposed to find a guy named Cole Payne to “check-in.” Cole was a third-year student and the appointed person in charge for the day. When she found him, they started volunteering together, and the rest, as they say, was history.

Lauren’s favorite memories from that day are making snow cones with Cole and him showing her how to “pretzel” (country dance). Little did she know that those memories would be the foundation of their love story. It was those moments in which Cole and Lauren started to connect and develop a friendship that would eventually blossom into something more.

A few weeks later, Lauren mustered the courage to ask Cole out to dinner. He agreed, and from that day on, they started seeing each other more often. They say both “just knew” pretty soon after a few dates!

How He Proposed

Last year, Cole reached out to me with his plan in motion to propose to Lauren at Landa Library. As I saw them turn the corner, I could feel the anticipation in the air. My heart was pounding with excitement, hoping for the perfect moment. Fortunately, it was an obvious yes and that cheerful crowd erupted right behind me. It was such a special moment, and when their closest friends and family came out from hiding, it was truly heartwarming. It was an honor to help pull off such a beautiful and memorable proposal.

Cole + Lauren will be having their reception at The Briscoe Western Art Museum and I can’t wait to celebrate alongside them!

San Antonio City Hall Engagement Session | Cole + Lauren

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